Crucial Communications Group, LLC.

we help
shape high potential leaders

From boardrooms
to front lines

rain or shine

we excel in high stakes situations

& Protect reputations
across multiple industries

We invest the time to get to know our clients, their culture and their business challenges. Our research ensures that your team will succeed when it matters.
Clients receive the attention and experience of trainers who are seasoned journalists with decades of experience in media and executive training.
All of our training is completely customized to fit the specific needs of each client. It is never cookie cutter or “off the shelf.”
Our clients have consistently awarded us a 98 percent satisfaction rate and many of our largest clients have requested expanded services.
communications training helps you to stand out from the crowd
Want to stand apart from the crowd?
A May 2016 article in Fortune Magazine listed communications skills as one of the three most important skills leaders needed for professional success.
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highly engaging communications training
Not the same, "I talk, you
listen" training. We believe in interactivity.
Through its highly customized and engaging techniques, Crucial Communications Group has helped executives at some of the world’s most recognized companies become more effective communicators during high-risk, high-profile situations. Likewise, our group training sessions have helped hundreds of individuals learn the art of engagement—skills that ensure our participants are able to connect with their audiences in any venue or channel.
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executive coaching: no time like the present
Why postpone success?
The American Marketing Association asked CEO’s from 5000 US companies from a wide range of industries and sizes, "What are the three most important things you have learned in order to perform your role as an executive?” Communication skills was ranked number one. Whether you're seeking to improve your own skills or those of your associates, there's no time like the present.